Dawn DiDonato-Burke

Real Estate (Residential and Commercial) Transactional attorney, civil litigation, contract preparation and review

Dawn’s practice primarily focuses on real estate, business, commercial and financing transactions, and all areas of commercial litigation. Dawn has extensive experience litigating real estate disputes, actions to quiet title, contractual disputes breach of contract actions, failure to perform actions, incomplete and/or defective performance of contracts, anticipatory breach of contracts, breach of covenants not to compete, restrictive covenants, partnership, and shareholder disputes, disputes among business owners, construction disputes against and on behalf of builders, subcontractors and owners, Unfair business practices, fraud, complex commercial litigation involving multiple parties, arbitrations, landlord-tenant disputes, non compete and breach of confidentiality, non solicit and restrictive covenants, breach of fiduciary duty litigation in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Because of Dawn’s extensive litigation experience, she has witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of poorly drafted documents that failed to protect the client, which resulted in extensive litigation. Dawn has comprehensive experience in drafting contracts, contract review, and negotiation, business negotiations. Dawn counsels clients through all aspects of business, real estate, financing, and commercial transactions, including entity formation and entity planning for the mature business, contract preparation, negotiation, and review. Dawn provides legal services to large corporations as well as individuals with clients including large real estate brokerages, individual realtors, large business owners, large and small corporate entities, mom and pop businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Likewise, Dawn’s services include entity formation for the new business, entity planning for the mature business, asset purchase agreements, employment agreements, commercial leases, commercial and residential agreements of sale, wills, powers of attorney.

Dawn served as an Assistant Prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office from 1992 thru 2001. Since leaving the DA’s Office, Dawn has specialized in all aspects of real estate law, business and commercial transactions, and litigation matters. Dawn is based in Bucks County and is admitted to practice in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Superior Court of New Jersey as well as the United States District Court of New Jersey. Dawn is a member of the Bucks County Bar Association.

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Thomas F. Burke, Esquire

Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Attorney

Thomas Burke specializes in criminal defense in both federal and state courts.  Trained in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Burke quickly rose through the ranks over his ten years there until he became one of the youngest prosecutors in the elite homicide unit.  During his tenure there, Mr. Burke personally tried thousands of cases and over 400 jury trials dealing with everything from murder, armed robbery, drug and gun possession cases, sexual assault cases, DUI’s and economic crimes.  Mr. Burke was routinely assigned the toughest judges with the heaviest caseload.

Since leaving the District Attorney’s Office in 2003, Mr. Burke has established himself as one of the premier criminal defense attorney’s trying multiple high-profile cases in both state and federal courts.  Meticulous case preparation coupled with expert knowledge of the law and one of the most artful and aggressive cross-examiners in the courts, Mr. Burke has achieved stunning verdicts for his clients.  

In addition to his expertise as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Burke has been considered an expert in identifying cases of wrongful and malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and police brutality cases, securing millions of dollars for his clients.  

Mr. Burke is licensed to practice throughout the State of Pennsylvania, New Jersey as well as the Federal Courts.  Areas of practice include criminal and civil litigation including State and Federal Court prosecutions, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecutions, police misconduct as well as catastrophic personal injury.  When you or a loved one has been arrested by the police, or have been the victim of police misconduct, or have sustained a serious injury and when winning matters most, call Thomas Burke.

Office: (215) 302-3187 | Direct: (215) 369-4424 | Tom@BurkePhillyLaw.com