With over 50 years of trial experience across a diverse legal spectrum, the law firm of DiDonato & Burke LLC offers high-quality legal representation. Our lawyers are former Philadelphia homicide prosecutors and former assistant district attorneys, making us uniquely experienced in defending clients and getting results. Our attorneys can be counted on to achieve the results that our clients desire.

We are not a large, firm and maintain this size so we can devote our full attention to each and every case. The firm is committed to representing every client zealously, providing the best quality, personalized legal services, and obtaining the best results possible in every case. We understand that being charged with a crime can be very frightening and that the consequences may be very serious, not only to our clients but also to their family and friends.

We consider each case on its own merits and direct our efforts to get the outcome you want, the most efficient way. Each case presents us with a new opportunity to be thoughtful, innovative, and attentive.

But we don’t just focus on criminal defense law, and we also have offices in Bucks County.