I was falsely accused by police of shooting at them and spent three years in jail.  Thomas Burke took on my case after two other lawyers told me I should plead guilty. Mr. Burke not only proved that I was innocent, he helped me sue those police and I won millions of dollars from the City.

K. Smithson

My son was charged with assault.  Mr. Burke met with us several times, went over with us what to expect in court and answered all my phone calls and emails.  He roughed up the witnesses at trial and my son was acquitted by the jury. We owe everything to Mr. Burke.

M. Witherspoon

“I am a nurse and was charged with an assault.  I couldn’t afford to lose my license if I was convicted.  Mr. Burke convinced the DA’s Office to give me ARD instead of going to trial.  I finished their program and I am still working as a nurse.  Thank God for Thomas Burke.  He got me out of a tough situation and I was able to keep my license.”
-N. McMullin

“Best lawyer ever!  Mr. Burke took on the cops in my case and had the judge toss the charges.  I’ll never use another lawyer again.”
-B. Stone

“My boyfriend and I were illegally stopped by the police.  They said they smelled ‘weed’ and illegally searched my car.  Mr. Burke proved that there wasn’t any weed in the car and the judge threw out the charges.  I was so scared.  I thought I was going to jail, but Mr. Burke knew exactly what to say to the judge.”
– L. Johnson

“My brother was wrongfully convicted of rape and sentenced to state prison.  The first lawyer we had for my brother didn’t do anything  We hired Thomas Burke after the trial.  He investigated the case, found three new witnesses and filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act Petition, and got my brother a new trial.  Mr. Burke won the case at the second trial and my brother is home now, working and living a great life.  We owe everything to Thomas Burke.” 
-L. Allen

“I was stopped by State Troopers outside of Allentown for a minor traffic offense.  They racially profiled me and searched my car for no reason.  I hired Thomas Burke to represent me.  He subpoenaed all of those Trooper’s records and found out that these Troopers had a pattern of searching drivers who were minorities for no real reason.  He presented all those records in Court and the Judge threw out the evidence.”
– M. Gibson

“I was charged with rape by my ex-girlfriend.  It was a total lie.  Mr. Burke proved she was making it up in court.”
– A. Henninger

“The Feds were trying the charge me with stolen goods.  I hired Thomas Burke and he got them to back off.  I didn’t even have to go to court.”
– T. Graves

“One gun possession and one drug possession.  Hired Mr. Burke for both.  He beat both.”
– O. Rawlings

“I was on Federal Supervised Release.  My ex-girlfriend kept coming around and was trying to get back with me.  I didn’t want anything to do with her.  She called the cops on me and made up a story about me claiming that I attacked her.  I paid bail on that case but then was taken into federal custody because of this new arrest.  Mr. Burke appeared before the federal judge and convinced him and my probation officer that my ex-girlfriend was lying.  He produced photographs, phone records, and text messages from her to me. The federal judge agreed to let me out until the trial with my ex-girlfriend. On the day of my trial, she didn’t even show up and the case was dismissed. I would have had to sit in jail for a year waiting for my trial if wasn’t for Thomas Burke.”
-S. Albert

“I worked for a company for 25 years.  I retired and moved to another state in 2017. A few years later some federal investigator knocked on my door about an investigation into the business.  I know I didn’t do anything wrong but was scared to lose my pension.  I called a friend who was a lawyer in Philadelphia, and he told me to hire Thomas Burke.  He collected all the evidence that the government had.  He and I went over every document.  I explained each one and what I did.  He was able to prove to the federal government that I did nothing improper during my employment. The government decided not to charge me. What a relief.”
– J. MacAlsfield

“I was on state parole and got arrested by the police.  I was looking at going back to state prison for a long time.  Mr. Burke beat my new case and I was released from jail.  He saved my life.”
– T. Carlson

“Best lawyer ever!  Mr. Burke took on the cops in my case and had the judge toss the charges.  I’ll never use another lawyer again.”
– B. Stone

“The Feds were trying the charge me with stolen goods.  I hired Thomas Burke and he got them to back off.  I didn’t even have to go to court.”
-T. Graves

“One gun possession and one drug possession.  Hired Mr. Burke for both.  He beat both.”
– O. Rawlings

“My boyfriend and I were arguing one night.  Not a fight, just an argument.  Next thing you know the cops are outside demanding to be let in.  I came out to talk to them and showed them that I wasn’t hurt and that it was only an argument,  but they still demanded to come into my apartment.  Once inside they began searching without a warrant and arrested my boyfriend for a gun that was in his backpack.  I hired Thomas Burke who reviewed the police paperwork and told me that the police had made several errors in searching my apartment.  When we went to Court, Mr. Burke presented his legal arguments as to why the search was illegal and the Judge agreed with him and threw the charges out.  On the day of Court, Thomas Burke was ready to go.  My boyfriend is back home and I am thankful that I hired Thomas Burke.” 
– K. Ericson

“I was charged with the murder of my ex-husband.  We divorced years before he was murdered.  The police said I had something to do with it for the insurance money.  I was so scared.  I had to sit in jail waiting for my trial and was afraid that I was going to go to jail for a long time.  My brother hired Thomas Burke to represent me.  He and his investigators spent months gathering the evidence to show that I had nothing to do with the murder and that I didn’t even know that my ex-husband never changed his life insurance policy.  I was acquitted at trial.  Thomas Burke literally saved my life.” 
– J. Pontoy

“I was arrested for attempted murder when my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend shot me.  I am licensed to carry and returned fire and hit him.  Even though it was self-defense, the police arrested me.  Thomas Burke gathered phone records, text, and even a video from the KFC across the street to prove that I shot in self-defense.  I won at trial and was set free.” 
– T. Floyd

“My 16-year-old son was charged with robbery.  The DA was going to try him in adult court.  I hired Mr. Thomas Burke to represent my son.  He was able to have a doctor look at me soon and prove to the DA that my son had emotional issues and that his case should be sent back to juvenile court.  The DA agreed and my son received the treatment he needed rather than going to jail.  My son is home with me now and attends Temple University.  I am so grateful for Thomas Burke.” 
– P. Lewis

“I kept getting pulled over by the same two cops and they searched my car every time. The last time they searched my car, the police claimed they found drugs in the backseat.  I hired Thomas Burke to represent me.  He pulled all the cops records of when they stopped me.  When he questioned them about these previous stops in court, they denied it!  When he showed the police records proving that they had stopped me before to the Judge, she threw the case out.  These cops don’t bother me anymore.” 
– A. Goode