An innocent man falsely accused by police of shooting wins stunning acquittal in less than 30 minutes.  Later sued the police and won a $10 million dollar verdict.

Man accused by police of storing guns and drugs in his apartment was found not guilty by a jury in under one hour.

Man accused of a point-blank shooting in a bar in South Philadelphia was acquitted after jury deliberates for three days.

A judge in Allentown tosses over 500 grams found in the defendant’s car due to an illegal search by police.

Man in Harrisburg charged in a drug case has case thrown out by a judge because of illegal police profiling.

Juvenile charged in a robbery case released from custody and has charges greatly reduced after video evidence proved victim falsely accused ex-boyfriend.

Man charged with home invasion and murder was acquitted after an eyewitness identified the wrong suspect.

High profile politician is found guilty of only one single count of a 39-count indictment.  

Defendant charged in a multi-defendant drug ring is cleared by a jury in federal court.

A woman arrested for DUI has a case withdrawn by prosecutors after a judge tosses blood results.  

A man charged with rape was released from prison after DNA proved he was not the assailant.

Prosecutors refuse to charge a man with sexual assault after the lawyer provides video evidence contradicting the victim’s story.

Man charged with two counts of attempted murder for trying to run police over with his car was found guilty by a jury of only one misdemeanor charge.

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Son of Bucks County socialite pleads guilty, forfeits Clairemont’s family estate.

-Philadelphia Inquirer